3 Questions to Ask When Sponsoring an Event

When it comes to event sponsorships, there are a lot of details to review. Your sales team has likely been around the block and back to industry events across the country- but were they each worth it? To get the most out of your investment, it’s important to scrutinize potential sponsorships for not only the basics- total number of attendees, booth setup, conference layout- but also both the short-term and long-term effects brought onto your business as a result. What are the goals for your sponsorship and are they likely to be achieved? Help to assess the value in your next event sponsorship by asking these 3 questions:

Question #1: Who will be at the event?

Focus on your buyers and influencers. If you’re going after prospects in the industry, what companies will be in attendance, and specifically who with will you be able to have conversations? Determine what roles and leadership levels will be present. Look into reconnecting with your current customers and don’t forget about others in the field- industry leaders and possible partners and new hires. Don’t miss the sponsors list to see if your competitors will be there. If they will be, there’s a good chance you should be too.

Question #2: What will the event be like?

You should have a considerable perception of how the event will run. Know if the dress code formal or casual, and if the event schedule strict or relaxed? What hours are the exhibit hall open, and where is the exhibit hall in relation to the rest of the event? Can attendees easily flow throughout the space? Is conversation typically welcome and will there be opportunities specifically to network? Check in with anyone who has gone before. For first-time events, use the conference website, sessions and events list, promo videos, testimonials, blogs, and the events contact to gain awareness of what the experience of both a sponsor and an attendee will be.

Question #3: How will you stand out?

Your company is not just another fish in the sea, and it shouldn’t be just another booth in the exhibit hall, either. Evaluate the amount of branding and number of impressions you’ll need to make to spark real interaction and follow-up, be that from physical ad placements within and around the event space, giveaways throughout the conference, or full ownership of audience-wide functions. Catching the attention of executives, decision makers, and potential users of your products will allow you to initiate a conversation, showcase a demo, tell a customer story, or simply collect an email address- all of which can go a long way. And don’t be weary of the shift to digital- digital ads within a conference app are only a tap away to your website, and one-on-one messaging functionality typically has no restrictions.

No one wants to waste their sponsorship dollars. Regardless of your business being brand new or an industry veteran, deciding to sponsor an event can be a difficult investment to make. Gauging your accessibility to different groups of your target audience and prioritizing how to make the most impact on your business is critical. Event sponsorships can surely move the needle for your company- if you pick the right ones.

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