The average PEO client has approximately 25 worksite employees, and this industry has been built on organizations that range from 10-75 worksite employees. But what about those 25 million worksite employees that work at the 127,000 businesses with 76-1000 employees? Don’t they need great HR technology and services too? Of course they do.

We’ve seen that trend emerging recently, with HR service providers moving upmarket, providing solutions to those more mid-sized organizations, and doing so with great success and profit.

But the question is, how do you this? What operational adjustments do you need to consider? How do you change your sales and marketing to reach those buyers, and win and service those clients for the long term?

Ray Dile from Pathway Strategies will lead a panel of those who are doing this each and every day. Panelists include Mark Sinatra, CEO of Staff One, and Jeff Smith, SVP or Operations at Sidecar HR. See what Ray has to say about this session at PrismHR LIVE below.


P.S.: Did you know that organizations that attended PrismHR LIVE 2016 grew 28% more than those that did not attend in 2016. Which group do you want to be in?