Work conferences exist to help professionals come together to learn, meet and be inspired. If you’ve attended a great conference for your job, you probably left exhausted from too much fun, and not enough sleep as well as invigorated with new ideas and approaches to improve your short term and long term impact.

And depending on your hotel layout, you may have logged more than 20,000 steps in your fitness tracker (that’s 10 miles) a day, just attending a conference.* But then again, you may need to walk 10 miles to burn off the all the tasty meals and treats that a good conference may offer you.

Inspiration at a conference can come in many forms – Insight from a session, a tip from a peer, an idea from a vendor, but frequently, one of the best ways to rev up your vision and creativity is via the conference keynote sessions.

So we are very excited to share with you that this year, PrismHR LIVE 2017 features not one, but two keynote speakers, Scott Klososky and Jay Acunzo.

Tuesday, June 13 will feature Scott on Digital Transformation, Maturity and Readiness and take you on a journey to understand how these 3 attributes of the digital age can transform your service and growth. And on Wednesday, June 14, Jay will dive into Making the Leap: How Smart Service Providers Break from Conventional Thinking and Achieve the Exceptional, helping you think about breaking out of the mold and stand-out in a crowded marketplace.

Check out videos from both Scott and Jay below, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at PrismHR LIVE 2017 in Nashville.



* Yes, we actually paid attention to how much we’ve walked at past conferences.