The Inside Scoop on Everything that Will Happen in Nashville. Well, Almost Everything.

As PrismHR LIVE 2017 approaches those already attending will want to use this guide to prepare and plan to get the most out of the 3+ days of the PEO and ASO Industry’s Largest Technology Conference.

grow 28% more with PrismHR LIVE


If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time, and this guide will show you what you definitely don’t want to miss. In fact, organizations that had attendees at PrismHR LIVE last year grew 28% more than those that didn’t. So don’t fall behind your peers.


PrismHR LIVE provides attendees with countless opportunities to learn about best practices, connect with other industry professionals, thought leaders, partners and PrismHR team members, discover new ideas and ways to grow your business. No matter what your role is in your HR organization, (Executive, Operations/Client Service, Finance, or Sales and Marketing) there is something for you to learn at PrismHR LIVE.

Here’s some of what you can LEARN at PrismHR LIVE

– There are more than 50 sessions this year, covering 4 different tracks – Payroll/Benefits, Technology and Integration, Reporting, Compliance and Accounting, and Business Growth. While each session will help you improve your business, some of the new sessions will help you use new capabilities like PTO, user roles and approvals.

– More than 20 PrismHR customers, industry thought leaders and professionals will be sharing their experiences and approaches to challenging problems. We’ve already seen previews of a few of these sessions and wow, let’s just say if you aren’t going to be at the conference, you will absolutely be missing some of the best ways to improve your business. Your competitors will have a leg up on you if you miss these.

– With 20 sponsors, you can explore countless ways to expand your technology and services.

– New products, services and partnerships will be announced. While we can’t tell you exactly what they are, we can tell you they are going to be very cool.

– The Brainiac Bar will give you a chance to meet your favorite PrismHR Support team members, and get some face-to-face help.

Here are some of the ways you can CONNECT at PrismHR LIVE

– One of the biggest reasons that people attend business conferences is to network. Building relationships, sharing ideas and ways to solve problems makes a big difference to your current and ongoing success. This year, PrismHR LIVE includes expanded networking opportunities.

– Giving back to the community is an important part of both the PrismHR culture and of those in this industry. This year, we are connecting that spirit with a great cause. But you’ll have to be there to find out more.

– The conference app will be back and better than ever. Last year, attendees loved using the app to share updates, get insight into the schedule, connect with other conference goers and more. This year, the app is back and will be your digital hub for the entire event.

Here are some of the things you can DISCOVER at PrismHR LIVE

– This year, PrismHR LIVE has 4 different Keynote presentations. Scott Klososky from Future Point of View will help us understand how to thrive in this age of digital transformation, and Jay Acunzo will focus on delivering high impact services. Plus, Gary Noke will share the PrismHR Corporate Update and Adam Van Beek and Scott Cormier will review recent product updates, share news of new offerings, and provide insight into the PrismHR roadmap.

– For the first time ever, the PrismHR Product Team is sharing some Sneak Peeks of things the team is working on back in the lab. By attending PrismHR LIVE you will be the first to see some of these ideas in action. Plus, since this is the last session of the conference, there is another surprise at the end of the sneak peeks that will definitely be a conference first and something that is so cool we can’t even tell you what it is.

– Staying ahead of the competition is an ongoing challenge across the industry, but digital marketing can be a key weapon in that battle, For the 2nd year in a row the PrismHR Digital Marketing Awards (aka the Craigies, named after PrismHR’s own Craig Babigian) will recognize the best work on websites, blogs and videos.

– Hear from NAPEO’s Pat Cleary on the latest trends and issues facing the industry.

Here are some of the ways you can GROW by attending PrismHR LIVE

– PrismHR LIVE 2017 features an all new Growth Track, designed for anyone who is thinking about taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunity in front HR Service Providers today. The growth track features 11 sessions designed to help with sales, marketing, and operations so you can increase your prospect base, win more business and retain your customers. Some featured sessions and concepts are below.

– How to demo PrismHR. Organizations that demo technology in the buying cycle grow 13% more than those that don’t. But many find the prospect of demoing to a potential buyer to be challenging. Rob Byers and Venessa Wilson will show you how to demo to boost your conversion rate.

– Reaching new audiences.

– You already have the software, PrismHR, to service larger customers. But how do you actually do that? Join Ray Dile and his panel of PEO leaders, Mark Sinatra from StaffOne, Jeff Smith from Sidecar HR and Doug Snowman from PayPlans and Benefits, to learn how to sell and service larger customers.

– Millennials are putting their stamp on the business world, and millennial business leaders will represent your biggest opportunity for new clients in the near term future. How do millennials think about buying HR services and technology? This panel includes millennial business owners and will help you get firsthand knowledge to better connect with and help this growing market segment.

If you are already registered to attend, we can’t wait to see you in Nashville from June 12-15. If you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time to register. You won’t want to miss out knowing your competitors are getting a leg up, keeping skills and knowledge current, and seeing what the future will bring first. So what are you waiting for?