We obsess about many details of PrismHR LIVE. One of those details, and one that we may actually obsess about too much is the music that plays in the background during the conference.

This year, because we are in “Music City” though, we have maybe obsessed even more about this. The Music City moniker is tied back to Nashville’s evolution in the 1800’s and particularly the Grand Ole Opry.

And while many country music stars have emanated from Nashville, countless other musicians, across all genre’s, not just country music have spent time writing and recording in Nashville, also earning the city a reputation as The Songwriting Capital of the World.

So we thought it was only fitting to kick-off PrismHR LIVE with a celebration of the many artists that Nashville helped make prominent. The first playlist for the conference includes a range of hits, with all of the artists either being quintessential Nashville, or using Nashville at some point in their careers to inspire their creative output.



At previous conferences, our primary musical theme has been a genre that we’ll call, for lack of a better term, modern alterna-pop, and we wanted to continue that this year too. So on day two of the conference you will hear songs on this playlist.



And don’t even get us started about “walkup music” – the brief song snippets that play when a number of speakers enter the general sessions. This is a constant discussion and debate, with different styles and requests each year. Some presenters really focus on a particular band or even a particular song. Adam Van Beek loves Rush.  And it’s been a crowning achievement of Craig Babigian’s career to be able to walk on stage to Led Zeppelin’s Custard Pie. Some of those walkup tunes for this year’s conference are on this playlist.



Now who knows what you will hear on day 3?