PrismHR LIVE 2018: The Growth Track is Back

The Growth Track, dedicated to helping you grow your business through improving sales and marketing, was introduced for the first time at PrismHR LIVE 2017. Attendees rated the Growth Track higher than any other track. For PrismHR LIVE 2018 in San Antonio, the Growth Track is back! This year, many of the sessions in the Growth Track will be addressing the complex and intricate journey of today’s SMB buyer.

The Buyer’s Journey

From the time an SMB understands there’s a problem to finding potential solutions and making a purchasing decision, there are many critical steps along the way where you can win or lose a prospective customer. Can SMBs find you? What do they see when they land on your website? Does your content move them through the buying process? Are your sales and marketing strategies aligned to help close more business?

Below are just a few of the great sessions planned to help you answer those questions and more.

Who should attend the Growth Track

The Growth track is ideal for your entire sales and marketing teams. Whether it’s executives, managers or individual contributors, there will be content and sessions valuable to all. It’s also great for sales engineers or those who provide technology demonstrations during the sales process.

2018 Growth Track Highlights

From industry and subject matter experts to your peers and PrismHR leaders, the Growth Track will feature content from a variety of contributors. Here are just a few:

Communicate Your Value: How To Map Content To Your Buyer’s Experience

Michael Brenner, CEO | Marketing Insider Group

Success in sales and marketing today starts with an intense focus on creating value for your customers at each stage of the buyer journey.

In this interactive session, marketing influencer and content consultant Michael Brenner will show you how to deliver the right message to the right buyer at the right time and how to map out your content to drive change across the business.

  • You’ll learn the secret tips and free tools that anyone can use to see what your buyers are actually looking for
  • You’ll learn how to visualize and prioritize your buyers’ biggest challenges, questions, and concerns
  • And you’ll see how you can communicate your value, tell your story, and deliver the right content at the right time

Marketing to SMBs: Key Strategies, Tactics and Best Practices to Reach Your Target Audience

Allie Kelly, VP of Marketing | JazzHR

There are nearly 2 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that collectively represent a massive opportunity to grow. But how do you effectively reach and engage SMBs in the constantly growing and competitive market? Join Allie Kelly, VP of Marketing from JazzHR, for a session on some of the most effective ways to connect with your prospective SMB clients.

Supercharging Your Website for the Buyer’s Journey

Taylor Caldwell, Chief Marketing Officer | GrowPayroll

The role of a website in the sales cycle has changed drastically in recent years. 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is now done digitally. It’s more important than ever to ensure your website delivers the right message, leverages the right tools, and keeps prospective customers moving through the buying process. In this session industry marketing leader, Taylor Caldwell, will address:

  • Tips and best practices when building or optimizing your website
  • Tools to enhance the sales cycle after a prospect visits your website
  • The role of marketing automation and cost-effective ways to implement

Panel: Aligning Sales and Marketing for Success

The complexity of today’s buying process requires a cohesive sales and marketing strategy. Ray Dile will lead a panel of sales and marketing leaders through several topics where sales and marketing alignment is critical to business growth, including:

  • How to implement and ensure alignment
  • Key metrics to measure and follow
  • What to look for when hiring the sales and marketing talent

Panelists will include Adam Graham, Chief of Sales and Marketing at Nextep and Jonathan Wall, VP of Marketing at PrismHR.

7 Ways to Segment Your Prospect Lists for Better Targeted Messaging

Beth Foulk, Strategic Marketing Manager, Axcet HR Solutions

Your prospects will engage more, trust more, and convert more often if the material you provide them is relevant to their interests and needs. Otherwise, it’s just noise – or worse “spam.” This session will breakout seven key ways that the savvy marketer can segment their list beyond “customers” and “prospects” to better deliver the right message to the right audience. And the best part is, you probably already have the data in your lists to turn this on right away. Real examples and case studies will be included.

More growth track sessions and speakers will be announced soon. Register for PrismHR LIVE before prices increase on March 1, 2018.