PrismHR LIVE 2018 – The Ultimate Soundtrack

For the marketing team here at PrismHR, PrismHR LIVE is a labor of love. We know how much every attendee enjoys their time at the conference. So we sweat over every presentation, every meal, every reception, every email, the app, every single detail for months. Yes all of it.

And each year, one of my personal favorite efforts is the hand curated playlist designed to embody and enhance the vibe of specific moments of the conference. Ok, maybe I went overboard – basically I really enjoy making these playlists and helping general sessions speakers choose their walk-up music.

This year, I had some amazing help too, from one of the newest members of the marketing team, Jeremy Bonaventura, which was super helpful. Jeremy has some actual music chops too, as he plays guitar and drums, and believe it or not, worked for the legendary Allman Brothers Band back in the day. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of music.

So what’s in tune for this year? Get it? In tune? (Ok, maybe I’ve been working too long on the conference, and need to stop the bad jokes.) Anyway, we always include some local music, so we have a great playlist of artists from Texas. Then we shift into the core musical theme, modern, fresh, alterna-pop is how I describe it, and we also weave in a few homages to some musical greats who recently departed. This year, listen for the call out to Chester Bennington the former lead singer of Linkin Park, and all-time great, Tom Petty.

But wait there’s more. There seems to be a number of songs about the jungle, lions, monkey, tigers, etc. on this year’s playlist. I can’t really say what that’s all about, but if you will be at the conference, definitely be on the lookout at 10 am on Monday June 11. By 10:30 it will all be clear. (If you haven’t figured out the clue yet, download the conference app and check the schedule for what’s happening at 10:30 am on Monday.)

And even more. Like I said, we tend to go deep on this stuff. Did you know that PrismHR (previously known as FW Davison) started with PEO software 20 years ago? Yup, 1998. So we’ve included some of the best songs of that year too.

And the playlist should get you through your journey to the conference, no matter how far it is. We’re currently clocking in at 91 songs and more than 6 hours of music.

And we’re not even including the walk-up tunes in this playlist. Me, I’m going old school for my walk-up music. Be there at 8:30 on Tuesday morning to hear what I chose. What would be your walk-up music? I’m curious.

Ok, I need to get back to choosing some great tunes, I mean, finishing up a presentation. Yeah, that’s it.

So fire up the good ol’ Spotify and give it a listen.

PS: Have a song you want to hear next year? Find Jeremy or me at the conference and let us know.