PrismHR Time and Labor: Top Tips for Saving Time and Increasing Adoption, Brought to you by TimeClock Plus

June 18, 2019
3:30 - 4:20pm
Commonwealth C

PrismHR Time and Labor, powered by TimeClock Plus, is used by more PEOs and ASOs in the PrismHR community than any other time tracking solution. Join Time and Labor expert Harley Chrane to learn some of the best ways to help your clients and you track time more productively, deliver a great client experience and expand utilization. Additionally, you will get insight into recent improvements in Time and Labor, learn how to implement clients faster and increase the overall value your provide to your clients.

Brought to you by TimeClock Plus.

Harley Chrane
Harley Chrane
Service Provider and Enterprise Support Team Lead
TimeClock Plus