Stop Using Spreadsheets: How to Add Automation to Your Sales and Implementation Processes

June 20, 2019
9:40 - 10:30am
Grand E

Are you still using spreadsheets and checklists to manage sales activity and client implementations? You may be in growth mode but manual processes, outdated information, and limited visibility into the status of proposals and projects will only slow you down. There’s a better way.

Learn how to improve efficiency, visibility, and control across these processes with PrismHR Sales Management and Implementation. The bottom line—you can give your teams the insight and tools they need to close more deals, deliver better client service, and be more productive.

Randy Wadle
Randy Wadle
Senior Vice President and Co-Founder, ClientSpace
Shawn Premo
Shawn Premo
Vice President, Sales Analytics
Vensure Employer Services